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Your electricity supply may be terminated if:

  • You do not pay your monthly electricity bill by the due date of before the next billing period.
  • You do not keep a payment agreement and fail to communicate with us on the matter
  • A cheque paid in by you returns due to insufficient funds.***
  • Tampering with the service

***If disconnection takes place because your cheque was returned due to insufficient funds, you must make cash settlement of the amounts due on your bill. Additionally, a fee of EC $120.00 to cover bank charges will be added to your account.


  • Individual notification is sent on your bill as a reminder on a monthly basis.
  • A disconnection notice is also given via the media
  • A “Notification of Disconnection” is usually left on your premises after the disconnection crew terminates your supply.

If you have been disconnected for arrears, the following must be paid before NEVLEC can restore your electricity supply:

  • The disconnected amount in full
  • A reconnection fee of $100.00

NOTE: If you require express reconnection that is within 1 hour of being disconnected the Express Reconnection fee is $250.00.

NB: NEVLEC will reconnect your service within 24 hours after payment has been made.