Reduced Electricity Bills in September 2022

There was a significant reduction in electricity charges for residential customers in September 2022.  The main reason for this reduction was the removal of the fuel surcharge, which was $0.65/kWh for August 2022 but was reduced to $0/kWh for September 2022.  Notably, the number of days in the billing period also contributed to the reduction in electricity charges.  The billing period for August was thirty-five (35) days while the average billing period for September was twenty-eight (28) days.  This difference contributed to the reduction in the bills because the level of energy consumption was correspondingly less in September than in August.

The number of days (in the billing period) was higher in August because of the Public Holidays early in the month that delayed the start of meter reading.  This delay extended the completion time of the meter reading for the month and hence, the increase in the number of days in the billing period.

For October 2022, the fuel surcharge for residential customers will still be zero. However, the average billing period will be higher than in September 2022.  Therefore, on average, customers may see a slight increase in their bills for October when compared to September. Commercial customers may also see a slight increase in their bills for October 2022 due to the differences in the number of billing days and changes in their energy consumption.  Please note that the potential increases should not be interpreted as an adjustment to the electricity rates.  Electricity rates will remain the same.

NEVLEC continues to provide the best service to our customers at the lowest possible cost.