Rescheduled Outage Notice: Wednesday 18th December 2019

Please be advised that the outage, scheduled for Wednesday 18th December, on the Charlestown 1 Feeder has been deferred due to activity brought to the attention of NEVLEC, which cannot be altered.

As a result, NEVLEC, will interrupt the service of Cotton Ground Feeder, from Prospect to Cotton Ground Hand switch and Four seasons, on Wednesday 18th December, between 9:00am to 2:00pm. Areas affected will be Prospect to Cotton Ground via Jessups.

This is to facilitate remedial work on the Bypass Road on both the Cotton Ground and Four Seasons Feeder. As part of the outage NEVLEC will also make the necessary preparations to install two switches on the Bypass Road to continue its efforts to provide flexibility and reliability to the network.

Upon completion, Cotton Ground and Charlestown 1 will interface at Pinneys resulting in a physical connection both Feeders and providing the possibility of either Feeder back feeding into the other.

NEVLEC apologizes for the short notice and thanks its valued Customers for their patience.