Surcharge Calculations: May 2021

The Fuel Adjustment Factor (Surcharge) Calculations:

Formula:      FCAF = C x (A – B)

where,     FCAF = The Fuel Cost Adjustment Factor (Fuel Surcharge)
                         A = Current Month’s Average Fuel Price (EC$/IG)
                         B = Average Fuel Price at Base Tariff (EC$/IG)
                         C = Current Month’s Fuel Usage
                         D = Current Month’s Electricity Production (kWh)

Fuel Cost Adjustment Factor for MAY 2021:

A = Average Fuel Price for APRIL$6.49 ($/IG)
B = Fuel Base Price$1.60 ($/IG)
C = Fuel Used for APRIL255,439 (IG)
D = Electricity Production for APRIL4,428,598 kWh

FCAF (Surcharge) =     255,439 x 4.89 ($6.49 – $1.60)