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Change of Name/Address Request

The Nevis Electricity Company Limited is the sole provider of electricity on the island of Nevis.
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  • Account number and or meter number must correspond with the database.
  • In the case a change in name on the account, a refundable deposit is to be paid by the tenant
    before the transaction is completed.
  • If the form is signed by anyone other than the owner, the agent or landlord must submit a letter
    from the owner authorizing the agent or landlord to act on his/her behalf.
  • A Final Reading form must accompany this form if there would a change of tenants or sale of
    property and or change of ownership.
  • Balance on a/c must be $0.00 for the name to be change
  • There are three sections to be filled out before submitting to NEVLEC:
    • Present a/c holder
    • New a/c holder
    • Owner/agent/landlord
  • Proof of ownership or power of attorney must be presented. If none of these documents are
    available then the letter of agreement must be signed and attached to the completed form
  • A valid ID must be presented for the new account holder (Passport, Driver’s license, Social
    Security, Work Permit)
Online Form