Emergency Service Unit: (869) 469-9100 or (869) 662-5811
Mon - Fri: 8.00am - 4.00pm

After an Outage

Power outages occur for many reasons and can last from a few minutes to hours or longer.

Report Downed Power Lines

To report downed power lines call our Emergency Services Unit at (869) 469-9100/662-5811.

Safety Tips:

  • Stay well away from downed power lines and keep children and pets clear too.
  • Assume all cables and wires are energized and stay well away from them.
  • Do not go near electrical equipment around areas of standing water, like a flooded kitchen.
  • Once your refrigerator and freezer are operating, carefully check food for spoilage. Never take chances on food safety – “when it doubt, throw it out!”
  • If the outage lasted less than four hours, allow your electrical system a chance to stabilize. Turn on the most essential appliances one by one and wait 30 minutes before reconnecting others.
  • Reset electric clocks, automatic timers and alarms.