Emergency Service Unit: (869) 469-9100 or (869) 662-5811
Mon - Fri: 8.00am - 4.00pm

Payment Options

The Nevis Electricity Company Limited is the sole provider of electricity on the island of Nevis.

Issue of Electricity Bills

Your electricity bill is prepared each month and sent to the address provided by you. The due date for payment of your current bill is indicated in the bottom right side of your bill. If your electricity bill is not received by mail, please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service Office.

Paying on Account

Cash or cheque payment can be made at NEVLEC Customer Services Department on Main Street in Charlestown.

Advance payments are also welcomed, especially if customers expect to be off island at the time payment becomes due.

Please be advised that US $ cheques drawn on a foreign bank will not be accepted.

A bank charge of $1.10 is deducted from all travelers’ cheques and the difference is applied to the bills.

US $ is accepted at a rate of XCD $2.67.

ePay - Online Payment

Sign Up for ePay and make payments to your account(s) 24x7. You can also receive you bills via this platform. https://epay.nevlec.com/