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Customer Service

Mrs. Angelica Browne
Customer Service Manager
Phone: (869) 469-7243 ext 1029
Fax: (869) 469-7249



Ms. Kristel Pemberton
Customer Service Supervisor
Phone: (869) 469-7243 ext 1054
Fax: (869) 469-7249



Ms. Theodora Jones Edwards
Billing & Collection Supervisor
Phone: (869) 469-7243 ext 1029
Fax: (869) 469-7249

Nevlec’s Customer Service Office is located in the heart of Charlestown thus allowing easy access to our customers for the paying of bills, the application for service or for easy bill querying. Our aim is to continuously exceed the expectations of our customers and our staff of fifteen is ready and trained to offer personalized and professional service to all of our customers.

The department is divided into two divisions. This includes the Customer Service Division where our courteous and competent staff will handle all of your application needs as well as all queries and complaints. The efficient and professional staff of the Billing and Collections Division will handle all matters pertaining to meter reading, billing and collections.

In an effort to better serve our customers, we provided additional training for our staff, renovated our office and upgraded our information system to Microsoft Great Plains. Our focus now is more laser like so that every customer from every ethnicity that comes into contact with our staff will not only be fully satisfied that their concerns have been addressed, but also fully confident in our worth as an electricity company.

Our aim is not to only work towards a brighter future in electricity supply, but to also actively work towards a brighter future with our customers in effort to make our customers feel good about doing business with NEVLEC.

Meter Accuracy

Should you contact our Customer Service Office because you believe that your meter reading is inaccurate or your meter is not working, we will send an investigator to your premises within two working days and give you a formal response within five working days.

Questioning your bill

Should you contact our Customer Service office to question your bill we will give you an immediate response. However, if further investigation is required, we will call you with the findings followed by a written response within five working days.

Providing your New Supply

When you apply for a new supply of electricity, we will inspect and connect your premises within seven working days. Should we encounter any problems, we will inform you of the result and any further steps you may need take to remedy the matter. Once these changes have been made, the electricity will be duly connected.

Promises we wish to make

  • We pledge to reconnect all disconnected customers within 24 hours after all outstanding charges have been paid.
  • We pledge to acknowledge written correspondence from all customers with five working days.
  • We pledge to reduce the waiting time in the lines at our Customer Service Office to below 15 minutes.
  • We will answer the telephone expeditiously when you call; Our goal is to do this within three rings.
  • Provide you at all times with a team of courteous, professional and efficient personnel to assist with your requests and complaints.
  • We will inform customers one week in advance when we plan to disconnect your area via the media.