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Generation (Prospect Power Station)

Mr. Earl Springette
Generation Manager
Phone: (869) 469-7245 ext 1041
Fax: (869) 469-7247



Mr. Jevon Eaton
Generation Superintendent
Phone: (869) 469-7245 ext 1041
Fax: (869) 469-7247



Mr. Edmonton Liburd
Senior Mechanical Supervisor
Phone: (869) 469-7245 ext 1036
Fax: (869) 469-7247



Mr. Oswald Browne
Operations Supervisor
Phone: (869) 469-7245 ext 1046
Fax: (869) 469-7247




Mr. Robert Walters
Electrical Supervisor
Phone: (869) 469-7245
Fax: (869) 469-7247

The Generation Department is charged with the responsibility of producing a reliable and cost effective supply of electricity for our customers. At present, the Department operates two power plants with diesel generators ranging from 0.9Mw to 2.7Mw. The first Prospect Power Station, which was commissioned in 1983, houses six (6) diesel generators with a combined output of 10.7Mw. The second plant, situated next to the old plant, was commission in 2002 and currently has one generator with an output of 2.7Mw, giving a total installed capacity of 13.4Mw. The new plant is fully computerized, allowing the Operators to observe (in real-time) all the parameters of the generators, including main bearing temperatures, and torsional vibrations on the crankshaft.

The Department is structured in to three main sections; Operations, Electrical Maintenance and Mechanical Maintenance. The Operations section has responsibility for the safe and efficient running of the stations. It is staffed 24 hours a day on an 8-hour shift basis by teams of Shift Attendants and Operators. The Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance divisions are responsible for all maintenance work in the station, all major works are planned and scheduled on the manufactures recommendation, using the equipment service hours.

With an installed capacity of 13.9MW, an average plant load factor of 75% and fuel efficiency of 17.65kW/gal, reliability and availability of all generating units have been the main emphasis of the Generation Department over the years.

As is the norm, it is expected that there would be a dramatic increase in load demand due to the influx of returning nationals and tourists to our shores. It would mean therefore, that the level of service expected to be provided by Nevlec would be at an all-time-high. Outages would have to be kept minimum and the system readily available to meet any and all possible challenges which we may encounter.

With a vigorous preventative and Planned Maintenance Programme in place, the Maintenance, Operations and Management teams of the Generation Department are determined to maintain and surpass that which is expected of them, particularly in 2007.