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Outage FAQs

Who should I notify in case of a power outage?

Before you call us, please check to ensure that the power isn’t out because of a tripped breaker or blown fuse in your home’s electrical panel. Next, check with your neighbours to see if their power is out. Then call us at (869) 469-9100/763-9100.

What if I only have electricity in one part of my house?

The cause of the outage may be due to a tripped breaker or blown fuse in your home’s electrical panel. If your breakers and fuses appear to be ok, you should contact a licensed electrician to evaluate the problem.

What happens when I report an outage?

Your calls are received by members of our Emergency Services Unit, recorded on a trouble ticket and forwarded to our Control Centre. Trouble tickets are sorted and assigned priority through our established Prioritization Guidelines. System Response crews are then dispatched to start the restoration process.

What are NEVLEC’s priorities for restoring power?

      1. We work to correct situations that pose a safety hazard to the public (i.e., downed wires), or address calls from the police, hospital, fire or ambulance.
      2. We then work to restore power to the largest number of customers affected at one time by making repairs to substations or major feeder lines.
      3. Next, we focus on restoring power to smaller communities, or streets.
      4. We then work to restore power to individual homes or businesses.

How long will I be without power?

Power outages can last from a few minutes to several hours, or even longer, depending on the cause of the outage and how many customers are affected. In the case of widespread damage, we give priority to the hospital, police and fire departments and situations that pose a safety hazard to the public (i.e., downed wires). Then we work to restore power to the greatest number of customers in the shortest time possible. Rest assured that we work as quickly as possible to restore power to everyone affected and we appreciate your patience.

What causes power outages?

While most power outages are caused severe weather – lightning, high winds, heavy rain, etc. – there are other factors that can trigger an outage. These include:

  • equipment failure
  • vehicle accidents
  • trees
  • planned interruptions

For more information on the common causes of power outages click here.

Why does my neighbour have power while I do not?

Your individual service may be damaged or your home could be on a different main power line than your neighbour. Also, check to ensure that your power isn’t out due to a tripped breaker or blown fuse in your home’s electrical panel.

What should I do if I encounter low-hanging or downed power lines or damaged utility poles?

Always stay well away from these hazards and report damage as soon as possible at (869) 469-9100/763-9100.

How can I protect my electronic equipment?

Power surges or peaks in electricity can damage your home electronics and appliances. Plug your electronics into a surge protector, available at hardware stores, to help protect against the damage caused by power surges.

Can I use a portable generator to produce electricity for my home during an outage?

A portable generator can be used to power your home during an outage. Used indoors, generators can pose a serious health and safety hazard. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when using this equipment.