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Technical Cooperation to Promote Energy Efficiency in Caribbean Countries – JAPAN

Transmission & Distribution Manager at the Nevis Electricity Company Ltd, Mr. Nelson Stapleton participated in JICA’s “Technical Cooperation to Promote Energy Efficiency in Caribbean Countries” held in Japan for the period of April 9-21, 2023. The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is a governmental agency that provides technical cooperation and other forms of aid that promotes economic and social development in developing countries. The trip focused on two components: 1. Renewable Energy which included site visits for micro grid and development of grid forming inverters, lectures about grid stability, and various forms of RE technology at the Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute of Technology (FREA) and 2. Energy Efficiency which included field trips to factories, energy efficiency vendors and lecturers from top Japanese universities and companies such as Daikin, who is the leading innovator and provider of advanced, high quality air conditioning solutions for residential, commercial and industrial consumers.

As per Mr. Stapleton, the knowledge and information received are vital to assist NEVLEC and the nation in fulfilling its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC’s) as we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and implement policies to combat climate change. It has empowered him to create greater awareness of energy efficiency which is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to stop climate change while lowering consumer energy bills. He concluded by reiterating that energy efficiency is especially crucial to achieve net zero carbon dioxide emissions through decarbonization.

Congratulations Mr. Stapleton!!!

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