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Ronell Pemberton gains Geothermal Exploration, Drilling and Management knowledge

Mr. Ronell Pemberton, Planning Engineer, at NEVLEC journeyed to El Salvador to attend the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Short Course V on Geothermal Exploration, Drilling and Management conducted by GRO GTP and LAGEO held for the period of January 28th to February 11th, 2024. The course facilitated 30 participants, 25 of which came from 15 countries of Central and South America as well as Caribbean islands. A range of topics were covered.

Mr. Pemberton was able to get an insight into the advances of Geothermal Energy, possible challenges, and ways to mitigate these challenges. He was able to witness Geothermal in action by visiting the Geothermal Site.

During a presentation on February 2nd, Mr. Pemberton was able to share an update on our Geothermal Project. He later chaired the discussions on Geothermal Utilization and Environmental Aspects on February 7th.

As we continue to actively pursue Geothermal Energy here in St. Kitts and Nevis, this course allowed Mr. Pemberton to obtain meaningful information.

Kudos Mr. Pemberton!



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